With your ideas and our technological solutions for hotel rooms, offices, schools, nursery schools or apartments, the company strives to add elegance and warmth. Your desires are our guidelines, so that the room in which a person stays for only 10 minutes or many years displays harmony.

We work with various materials. From wood, wood composites, stone, metal and glass. We draw out the best properties of these materials and create furniture that will enable good quality living and creating in your premises.

We provide furniture for private residences and for complex larger projects such as hotels, ships, restaurants, inns, etc.

We offer:

  • Preparation of measurements
  • Preparation of a competitive cost estimation
  • Preparation of plans (3D rendering and workshop plans)
  • Organization of production processes
  • Coordination of various manufacturers and their combination into a harmonious whole
  • We provide transportation and assembly
  • Own design