A nice piece of furniture tailors your living space. We bring your idea to realization. We listen to your desires and form them into a whole quality.

Our services include a comprehensive approach and the harmonization of various materials from solid wood to wood composites, glass, metal, stone and upholstery. We follow the furniture industry’s development trends and take experienced skilled workers into consideration.

Oak wood clears the mind and strengthens concentration. Spruce and fir eliminate pain, while comforting and clearing the mind.


Woodenware products have been made in the Slovenian region of Ribnica, Kočevje, Notranjska and Velike Lašče since the 14th century, when residents first received a permit to sell their products in the Austro-Hungarian empire during the regime of Maria Theresa. My ancestors have made a living by selling woodenware for generations. Our occupation is wood turning, so we are known as TURNERS.

Wood has its own charm. Wood is pleasant to touch, smells nice and emits a pleasant scent. All products are made traditionally, each is unrepeatable and unique. Wood and humans develop a special relationship thus it is important to select products that bring the energy of nature into our homes.

We can offer you traditional products or make your own idea come to life. Make a drawing of the product or describe it and we shall make it for you.

Traditional products:
  • spoons and spatulas of various sizes and shapes,
  • children’s accessories and toys,
  • rolling pins of various shapes and sizes,
  • universal wooden boards made of various wood types and with diverse designs,
  • wooden balls of different sizes and shapes,
  • wooden plates,
  • wooden bowls,
  • wooden crates for storage,
  • wooden accessories for body massage,
  • wooden footstool, chair, …